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Build The Bathroom Renovation Of Your Dreams

Roeland Home Improvers offers a comprehensive array of bathroom renovation services to our neighbors throughout Morris County and the rest of Northern New Jersey. These services include but are not limited to:

New Bathtub Installation

What can be better than a leisurely soak in a tub of warm, bubbly water after a long day at work? Not much. But you can't make that happen unless you have a bathtub in your bathroom when you get home. If your private sanctuary lacks a tub, it is time to renovate and add a new bathtub from Roeland Home Improvers. Also, we can accommodate you with a deep soaking tub as well.

When you are ready to renovate, our skilled professionals have the equipment and expertise to install your dream bathtub quickly and correctly. Roeland Home Improvers has the qualified and certified personnel to help you choose the perfect tub for your bathroom and bring your vision to life at a customer-friendly price.

New Bathtub Installation
Bathtub Replacements

Bathtub Replacements

If your bathtub is starting to look old and outdated, it may be time for you to get a tub replacement. Cracks, stains, and older designs are just a few of the reasons why you should consider replacing your bathtub. Replacement bathtubs are more durable than repairs and can last a long time, removing any worry you might have of cracking, denting, chipping, or fading bathtubs. At Roeland Home Improvers, our team can replace your old tub with a replacement quickly and efficiently so you can relax in your new bathtub as soon as possible.

Before replacing your bathtub, our team will take accurate measurements, taking into consideration the size and style of the replacement bathtub to ensure that the tub you choose can be easily installed. This way we can prevent problems from occurring during the installation process and avoid potential problems, expenses, and delays; and we can offer suggestions to make the process more convenient for you. We offer a wide range of stylish and trendy bathtub designs in various colors.

Walk-in Tubs

Limited mobility can make it difficult or impossible for a person to get in and out of bathtubs safely and comfortably without help. However, when people need assistance bathing, they may feel like their privacy and independence is being taken away from them. You can take the stress away from bath time and allow your family members to relax by having a walk-in tub installed in the bathroom.

A walk-in tub is just as the name implies – a bathtub that you can walk right into safely and easily. You won’t need to step over a high edge or worry about climbing into and out of the bathtub since the tub’s construction allows you to just open a door, step into the tub and sit in a relaxing position.

This allows many people to settle into a bath without requiring the assistance of another person.

A walk-in tub makes it easier for everyone to get in and out of their bath, but it also helps reduce the chances of slip-and-fall injuries in the bathroom. It is a great accessibility product and tub to install for those who want to make their bathroom a safer place without having to compromise their bath time. Call Roeland Home Improvers for a free walk-in tub installation quote today.

Spas & Whirlpool Tubs Installation

Imagine coming home after an exhausting day and relaxing in your bathtub at home. Now imagine doing the same thing but in a deep soaking 36” wide whirlpool tub with massaging jets of water around you.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom and want to add a little luxury to your current bathroom layout, you should consider having a spa and whirlpool tub installed from Roeland Home Improvers. Whether you are thinking of removing your old tub and replacing it with a new one or simply want to elevate your bathing experience, a whirlpool tub is a great option to enhance your bathroom.

Wetarea Img

Wet Area Only

Don’t want to rip your whole bathroom apart? Just focus on the tub or shower. At Roeland, we are “wet area” experts. We can completely redo the entire wet area in 2 days or less.

Rip out all the old and install brand new fixtures, tub/shower shelves and accessories, and even an easy clean tub/shower door.

Tub To Shower

Tub to Shower Conversions

If your bathtub has turned into nothing more than a backdrop for your shower area, it might be time to install a tub-to-shower conversion. A bathtub to shower conversion is a good idea for those seeking to freshen up their bathroom by adding some space.

Removing your tub and replacing it with a modern shower from Roeland Home Improvers will make your bathroom look bigger and better in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Roeland offers tub-to-shower conversions to customers throughout Morris County and the Northern New Jersey area. Why should you consider a tub-to-shower conversion for your bathroom? The benefits include:

More space – While your bathtub and shower actually occupy the same space, the sloped walls of your tub take up a lot of room. Removing your tub and installing a shower stall opens up the area, giving you a larger-looking bathroom and more room to move around while bathing.

Easier to enter and exit – This is a good option for those who don’t like having to step over the sides of a tub for a shower. You can simply walk into your shower without raising your leg to get in.

Customize with sliding doors or shower curtains – You can choose to leave your shower cubicle open and install a shower rod for your shower curtains, or you can install a sliding glass door. The choice is yours, depending on personal preference.

Add shower racks, a bench, and whatever you want – The added space in your cubicle gives you the chance to add accessories for comfort and convenience in your shower.

Call Roeland Home Improvers today for a free estimate!

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